Kissidougou-Gueckedou-Seredou road

Economic study, environmental impact study and update of the design and tender documents preparation for the rehabilitation of the Kissidougou-Gueckedou-Seredou road (208 km)


Guinea Conakry

Name of Client

Ministère des Travaux Publics et des Transports – Direction Nationale des Investissements Routiers

Financing sources

European Union


10/2002 - 03/2003

Project Description

The Kissidougou-Gueckedou-Macenta-Seredou road  is approximately 208 km long and it was built in 1985-1990. A rehabilitation study was made in the years 1998-1999. The present study includes a detailed evaluation of structural condition by means of deflectometer (FWD), a geological and geotechnical study, a detailed design and bill of quantities for interventions to be envisaged for the complete structural rehabilitation of the road, preparation of tender documents.

Due to the war during the years 99-2000, the execution of the works was stopped and in 2002 the EDF assigned the complete review of the dossier: traffic study, integration of geotechnical study and construction materials, price update, and a technical-economic analysis together with the financing proposal.

The project includes the reconstruction of a reinforced concrete bridge.

Services Description

Update of design and tender documents, economic study,
financial proposal and environmental impact study for road rehabilitation