Kumba-Bachuo-Akagbe road

Environmental and social impact study for the rehabilitation of the road Kumba-Bachuo-Akagbe (150,880 km)



Name of Client

Ministère des Travaux Publics

Financing sources

Budget du MINTP, Exercice 2003


Ere Developpement Sarl – Yaoundé


07/2003 - 12/2003

Project Description

The road track develops in two hydrographic basins:

From Ch 0+000 to approximately Ch 63, the road runs along the right bank of the river Mungo and reaches the river in various points. After approximately 200 km, the river turns from northwards to southwards and has a considerable flow, even in the dry season.

From Ch 63+000 to Ch 85+000, the layout follows the initial part of the basin of the river Bake (Munaya river), affluent of the left bank of the Cross river, where it flows after having passed the Nigerian border.

From Ch 85+000 to the end of Lot 2, the road layout develops on the left bank of the Manyu river (Cross river), until it reaches the village of Bakebe. This river, important water source for all northern part of the region, reaches Nigeria where is called Cross river.

Developing in parallel with the main drainage lines, the road layout crosses many small water streams with variable but continuous flows.

The environmental impact study represents the completion of the two previous phases that involved the preliminary design, the technical-economic analysis, the final design and the preparation of tender documents.

Services Description

Environmental and social impact study.