Moundou-Doba road

Review of the final design of rehabilitation works of the Moundou-Doba road (102 km)



Name of Client

Ministère des Travaux Publics et des Transports

Financing sources



05/2003 - 09/2003

Project Description

The project involves the execution of topographic surveys for the check of material quantities (earthworks and carriageway), the execution of minimum geotechnical surveys for the check of hypothesis concerning on site material quality and dimensioning of the carriageway on the basis of existing and updated traffic data.

Therefore, the economic feasibility analysis has been processed and tender documents and financing proposal have been drawn up.

Services Description

Review of the final design of rehabilitation works. The
following documents have been conceived: Layout study, Topographic study,
Update of the economic and traffic studies through HDM, update of the
geotechnical study, review of the hydrologic and hydraulic studies, Drawings,
Standard and Special Conditions, Technical Conditions, Unit prices and Bill of