Zongo-Libenge-Gemena-Akula road

Detailed technical engineering design for the rehabilitation and development of the Zongo-Libenge-Gemena-Akula road (approx. 385 km)


Dem. Rep. of Congo

Name of Client

Ministère des infrastructures, Travaux Publics et Reconstruction

Financing sources

World Bank and Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF)


06/2011 - 11/2012

Project Description

This study, which is the component 1 of the project Pro-Routes, aims at the realization of technical studies, economic evaluation and preparation of tender dossiers for the execution of the rehabilitation and development works of the following road sections: Akula - Gemena – Libenge (RN6 approx. 291 km) and Boyabo - Zongo (RN 23 approx. 94 km) for a total of 385 km that will be carried out by a contractor following the tender.

This road opens up the central part of the Equator region and links the port of Akula, located on the Mongala river at approximately 70 km from the confluence in the Congo River, with Zongo, located on the left bank of the Ubangi river facing the city of Bangui, capital of the Central African Republic.

The aim of the operation was to make a layout of the route under study so that it can ensure sustainable levels of services provided, as defined below:

The "standard level of service" which was defined for the project roads, is in principle the following:

-       Address the need for access of the population, the project aims at restoring the use of selected roads in any season for any vehicle;

-       Provide a pick-up 4 × 2 to move safely at a minimum average speed of 40 km / h.

-       Define the treatment of critical points and the gradual adjustment in compliance with: minimum construction costs, reduced maintenance requirements, and level of service limited to the accessibility.

The study provides for the rehabilitation of critical areas and full maintenance during 4 years.

Services Description

Preliminary design on the basis of: Road Scheme ; Geological and geotechnical studies ; Hydrologic and hydraulic studies ; Proposals for development and rehabilitation works ; Cost estimate for proposed works ; Economic studies. Detailed Engineering Design: Tender Dossier; Evaluation of contractor’s capabilities. Maintenance Guidelines. Workshops for Administrative Personnel Training.