Arezzo Sud – Figline Valdarno Section

New Rome-Florence high-speed railway line (Speed = 250 Km/h). Arezzo Sud - Figline Valdarno Section (40 Km), from Ch. 189+862 to Ch. 233+955, and connections between Arezzo Nord and Valdarno Sud (km 2,6 and 5,0). Total length km 51,7



Name of Client

Consortium FESPI

Financing sources

Italy National Railroad Company (Azienda Autonoma delle Ferrovie dello Stato Direzione Generale 2 Unità Speciale)


01/1985 - 01/1991

Project Description

Final design of the railway line section, intersections and minor viability; Design of pedestrian underpasses in Olmo, Arezzo, Montevarchi, S. Ellero and Sieci; Platform roofing in Montevarchi, S. Ellero, Sieci and Pontassieve.
Architectural and structural design of 12 buildings in railway stations on the Chiusi-Florence line: Olmo, Arezzo, Indicatore, Ponticino, Laterina, S. Giovanni, Rignano, Pontassieve.
Design of 2 electrical sub-stations in Olmo and Arezzo.
Rehabilitation design of Traveller halls in Olmo, Indicatore, Ponticino, Laterina, Montevarchi, S. Giovanni, Rignano and Pontassieve.

Services Description

Final and construction design.