70 drinkable water yards Scanwater

Rehabilitation of 70 drinkable water yards Scanwater in the area of coffee and cacao production.



Name of Client

Ministère de l’Economie et des Finances – Ministry of Economy and Finance

Financing sources



02/1996 - 08/1997

Project Description

Review of the whole design; Rehabilitation of electromechanical equipments, generating sets, submersible pumps, filters, etc.; Rehabilitation of wells, water distribution networks and treatment plants; Technical Assistance and Work Supervision of electromechanical and treatment plants.
Aqueducts were used for drinkable water supply for more than 70 villages located over more than 300.00 km² and, more precisely, in the areas of Cacao and Coffee production in the Southern, South-Western, Coastal, Central western, Eastern and North-eastern provinces.
Aqueducts were composed of the following structures: - Production structures by deep, large-diameter wells, for catching of surface waters; - Pumping and adduction from production to treatment plant; - Treatment (sterilization, purification and filtering by means of pressure filters) and stocking; - Distribution by means of fountains.
Treatment and stocking procedures were carried out by a modular metal structure. The distribution was generally made by a PVC pipe, with a diameter included between 2 and 4”, of varying kilometers along which distribution points were set up, equipped with 2 or 4 taps and with a water-meter.
The main Assistance activities were the following: - Installation survey, intervention evaluation and budget; - Supervision of rehabilitation works; - Work accounting; - Local staff training.
The rehabilitation works included: - Production - deep wells: wells recovery by air-lift and pumping tests; large-diameter wells: cleaning and pumping tests; surface waters catching: water plug, drainage field and loading basin; - Pumping and adduction - recovery, rehabilitation and reinstallation of submersible electropumps; rehabilitation of adduction pipes.
- Treatment and stocking – filter rehabilitation by cleaning and substitution of filtering materials; purification and rehabilitation of stocking tank; rehabilitation of generating sets for energy supply; rehabilitation of the compressor for untreated water and filter aeration; rehabilitation of electropumps distributing sodium hypoclorite;
- Distribution – rehabilitation of existing pipes; design of the completion pipe; construction of distribution fountains.
Within production, besides the rehabilitation of existing structures, 3 new wells, 3 drainage lines and 2 surface water inlet structures have been studied and carried out. Adduction and distribution involved the realization of tens of kilometers of new pipelines and the realization of approximately 1500 distribution plants. The works were carried out both on site and in the Yaounde workshop, where all equipments were reviewed and tested (electropumps, compressors, generator sets, dosing pumps and switchboards) before being reinstalled.
The works lasted 15 months, during which two or three teams were used besides the central atelier.

Services Description

Technical assistance and works supervision.