Region of Matam-Nabadji

Management and hydro-rural development program in the region of Matam-Nabadji - Irrigation Scheme of Matam (12.000 he)



Name of Client

Ministère du Plan et du Développement

Financing sources

Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


01/1990 - 01/1991

Project Description

Catching of waters from the Senegal river with pumping station equipped with 8 submersed pumps (capacity of 1.000 l/s, water level 10 m and pumping 150 KW). Power unit for pumps;
Final design for the construction of the Gutter “B” for the collection of flowing waters coming from catchment basins (24 km²) located upstream from the rural exploitation area of Matam-Nabadji.
Tasks: Study of the catching basin characteristics and subdivision in under-basins; pluviometric study; geological and geotechnical study; hydraulic study; final designs; quantity evaluation.

Services Description

Preliminary and final Design.