Road section RN2 Mbuji Mayi-Kasongo-Bukavu (1 020 km)

Detailed Engineering Design for the realization of an operation of Management and Maintenance by level of service (OPRC) (Output and Performance-based Road Contract) on the RN2 Mbuji Mayi-Kasongo-Bukavu road section (1020 km)


Dem. Rep. of Congo

Name of Client

Ministère des Infrastructures, Travaux Publics et Reconstruction

Financing sources



11/2017 - 06/2018

Project Description

This operation aims at realizing technical studies, including the preparation of Tender Dossiers, and the provision of support services for the preparation of construction contracts for the development and maintenance by the method of Management and Maintenance by level of Service (GENIS) (Output and performance-based contracts) over a period of about 4 years of the unpaved road Mbuji Mayi – Kasongo - Bukavu (RN2, 1020 km).

The development will consist in two distinct operations: 1) the rehabilitation of part of the total length of the road, the reconstruction of damaged structures and the substitution of decks of existing steel bridges, and 2) the maintenance for the duration of 3 years.

The rehabilitation also includes the construction of 62 existing bridges between 5 and 150 m long and the reconstruction of 26 existing bridges between 5 and 16 m long.

The objective of initial development and maintenance works to be carried out within the framework of these contracts is to ensure a level of service during the duration of the contract.

The "standard level of service" that has been defined for Pro-Routes Project roads is in principle the following:

  • Address the need for access of the population, the project aims at restoring the use of selected roads in any season for any vehicle;
  • Provide a pick-up 4 × 2 to move safely at a minimum average speed of 50 km / h.
  • Define the treatment of critical points and the gradual adjustment in compliance with: minimum construction costs, reduced maintenance requirements, and level of service limited to the accessibility.

Road project geometry:

  • Total road length: 1020 km
  • Carriageway width: 6,00 m

Road quantities:

  • Earthworks (fill/cut): 127.000 m3
  • Wearing course (type, thickness): laterite 996.000 m3


  • Culverts (box/pipe): 296 m
  • Bridges to be rehabilitated: 62 between 5 and 150 m
  • Bridges to be rebuilt: 26 between 5 and 16 m

OPRC maintenance over 3 years:

- light reprofiling: 97 km
- reprofiling, with contribution of material: 901 km
- soil remplacement: -154.000 m3

Services Description

Detailed Engineering Design, on the basis of:

  • Road scheme (initial evaluation of the situation of the selected sections and bridges);
  • Geological and geotechnical studies;
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic studies;
  • Structural studies;
  • Cost estimate of rehabilitation works;
  • Economic studies;
  • Cost estimate of maintenance works and emergency works;
  • Tender Dossier.