Ageremariam-Moyale road

Consultancy Services for Feasibility and Detail Engineering Design for the rehabilitation of Ageremariam-Moyale Road (300 km)



Name of Client

Ethiopian Roads Authority

Financing sources

African Development Fund


09/2007 - 05/2010

Project Description

The Ageremariam Moyale (border with Kenya)  road is part of the link between Mombasa and Addis Abeba and therefore represents a stertegic corridor for Ethiopia and the region in general.

The Overall objective is, together with RSDP program, “to improve and expand the basic transport infrastructure in order to support economic and social development of each zone of the country”.

The Specific objective is to “establish a fully substantiated detailed economic justification for alternate types and levels of rehabilitation/upgrading measures, and investment strategies appropriate for the road ".

The Scope of the Consulting Services is to conduct during Phase I, a Feasibility Study and an Environmental and Social Impact Analysis, while during Phase II, a Detailed Engineering Design and the Tender documents preparation, concerning the rehabilitation of 300 kms of the trunk road n°6, linking Ageremariam to Moyale, in the Sidamo region.

The existing road is partially paved but very degradated and the design concerns the upgrading to DSIV standard asphalted 11 mts wide road. The upgrading concerned the widening of the existing road and the construction of the new pavement structure with crushed stone base and subbase (20 + 15 cm) and a 5 cm asphalt concrete wearing course.

Services Description

The assignment has two different phases: Phase I is the Feasibility stage, where the Environmental and social impact assessment will be performed, its duration is 6 months; while Phase II is the Detailed Engineering Design stage, which duration is 12 months.