RN7 – RN9 – RN10 and RN42 roads

Project for the Detailed Design of National Roads in the Southern part of Madagascar, Lot 2 RN7 – RN9 – RN10 and RN42 for a total of 207,7 km



Name of Client

Ministère des Travaux Publics et des Transports (MTPT)

Financing sources



10/2006 - 12/2007

Project Description

The national roads in hand lie in the south of the Madagascar passing through the Tuléar and Fianarantsoa provinces, and have a different morphology, geology and geomorphology.

They are the main part of the Madagascar road network and their importance has repercussions at a social, economic and political level. Therefore their rehabilitation (except for the No.42 national road) is the most relevant element of development politics and of the outwards opening up of Toliara capital. The whole project aims at supporting the development of the country in order to improve its economic condition and reduce poverty.

The national road 7 between Ankororoka and Toliara (23,7 km), the national road 9 between Toliara and Beforone (60 km); the national road 10 between Andranayory and Betioky  (90 km); the national road 42 between Fianarantsoa and Isorana (34 km). For a total of 207,7 km.

This project intends to support the economic development of the regions, thus reducing poverty and, together with other in progress programs, rehabilitate and consolidate the national road network and sustain the road maintenance politics.

Moreover, this project aims at improving life style in the town of Toliara, through the realization of protection works against sea and Fihererana river floods.

The envisaged results are: resettlement of main national roads, interconnection of different transport means, rehabilitation of urban and rural road network connected to main communication systems and the realization of politics sustaining social and environmental development.

The existing road upgrading envisaged a new cement stabilized subbase (20 cm) a crushed stone base (15 cm) and an asphalt concrete wearing course 5 cm. In addition new drainage structures, culverts and side drains were considered in the design.

Services Description

Preliminary Design; Geotechnical study; Traffic Analysis; Road lay-out analysis; Hydraulic study; Environmental study; Economical and Financial study; Preparation of the Preliminary Design. Detailed engineering design; Hydraulic study; Topographic Study; Geotechnical study ; Laboratory tests; Structural works - plans – calculations; Bill of quantities - Estimate; Technical reports; complete detailed engineering design (Topographical report, road dimensioning report, Hydrological report; Structural works report Environmental Impact study report, plans). Preparation of bidding documents.