Rome-Naples high-speed railway line

Rome-Naples high-speed railway line (Speed = 250 km/h). Final design of artificial tunnels and minor works, Lots 13 and 21



Name of Client

Italfer-TAV SpA-Consorzio IRICAV UNO

Financing sources

Italy National Railroad Company (Ferrovie dello Stato)


02/1994 - 02/1997

Project Description

Iricav-Pegaso: 4 artificial tunnels: GA1C from km 14+069,57 to km 14+229,81 - ml 160; GA08 from km 36+832,53 to km 37+272,69 - ml 440; GA09 from km 45+636,53 to km 46+298,47 - ml 661; GA12 from km 49+661,77 to km 49+868,28 - ml 206;
Iricav-Vianini: Final design of railway structure, of the relative concrete hydraulic works and artificial tunnels. Artificial tunnels: GA5B from km 107+965 to km 108+290 - ml 325; GA33 from km 93+149,60 to km 93+340,00 - ml 190; GA67 from km 107+563 to km 107+815 - ml 252; (Ceprano 3 slow line deviation) GA5C from km 0+464,84 to km 0+664,84 - ml 200; GA5D from km 0+787,31 to km 1+257,71 - ml 470.
The artificial tunnels designed for the new Rome-Naples high-speed railway line are of two kinds: polycentric and among large diameter pole bulkhead. The first one creates a very strong structure, whose stress has been calculated by finite element methods, understanding the soil-structure interaction through monodimensional elastic links schematization ad applying quiet thrust diagrams to the model. The second kind of tunnel is used in soils of minor consistency and allows the excavation of holes after having built main structures, that act therefore as provisional works. The flexibility of such structures and complexity of building phases impose the use of a structural analysis model following the structure in time and its interaction with the soil. Elasto-plastic models to finite differences study the initial phase of bearing structure and are therefore integrated with elastic models simulating the trend below work and seismic loads of the final structure. The structural tests verify tensional and breaking status, as requested by railway standards.

Services Description

Final design of artificial tunnels and minor works of lots 13 and 21.