Atiak-Kitgum, Pajule-Pader District HQS and Masindi & Karuma Nile bridges

Feasibility study, detailed engineering design for the design of Atiak-Kitgum (108 km), Pajule-Pader district HQS (18 km), Masindi & Karuma Nile bridges and access roads (17 km)



Name of Client

UNRA – Uganda National Roads Authority

Financing sources



PROME Consultants Ltd (Uganda) (member)


01/2012 - 05/2015

Project Description

The major road links are as follows:

  • Atiak- Kitgum (108 kms),
  • Pajule – Pader (18 kms),

The existing roads are gravel roads located in North Uganda. In addition to the above roads, the project concerns the design of 2 new bridges as follows:

  • Masindi port bridge: a multi span structure for a total length of about 500 mts crossing the Nile river in Masindi port
  • Karuma falls bridge: a single span structure 120 mts long crossing the Nile river in Karuma

A preliminary design was performed for the Masindi port bridge, while a preliminary and detailed design was carried our for the Karuma bridge.

Services Description

The project aims at upgrading the existing gravel standard to asphalt concrete standard and the preliminary design of two bridges crossing the Nile river in Masindi port and on the Karuma falls. A detailed design was also carried out of the Karuma falls bridge. The contract is as follows:

Feasibility Study (phase1) and Detailed Engineering Design (phase2)

  1. Feasibility study, including consideration of alternative routes and pavement options, road safety, land acquisition;
  2. Preliminary Engineering Designs.
  3. Topographic Survey;
  4. Hydrological and Hydraulic, Soils Materials and Pavement, Design Options, Environmental and Social Impact Statement and Detailed Engineering Design;
  5. Road Safety Audit, Technical Audit and Special Specifications;
  6. Prequalification and Bidding Documents;
  7. RAP and ESIA reports.